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Founder and Lead Counselor

Lorraine McKnigt, MA, LPC

  Lorraine McKnight, LPC, is a Michigan based Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)/Psychotherapist who specializes in providing culturally sensitive Talk Therapy to teens and adults. She completed her counseling degree at Eastern Michigan University and has been licensed for more than 20 years.  She also certified to provide Supervision to Michigan LLPC's. Mrs. McKnight is also a trained  Telehealth (HIPAA compliant) provider.   

Hello, I chose the profession of counseling because I noticed that most people want a safe and confidential person to talk to, family and friends want to help, but usually cannot effect long term change.  My goal is provide that safe environment for you to reach your mental health goals.  We will meet via a telehealth database that is HIPAA complient. 

My counseling style is strength based and interactive. I believe everyone is a worthy human being and deserves respect, happiness, wholeness, equality and compassion. I work best with individuals/couples that want to understand their strengths, set goals and get to better mental health and careers/jobs that fit. I use proven counseling techniques and assessments in the counseling and career counseling process to help you achieve your goals.  Counseling may require one session to several years depending on your goals, just know I  will be there to support you.   #goodmentalhealthISreal!

Limited License Professional Counselors

Octavia Beal, MS, LLPC

Octavia Beal, MS, LLPC, While counseling is more popular now than before, the decision to seek counseling can still be a unnerving process. Recognizing and understanding our thoughts and actions can be beneficial in helping us navigate through the unsettling things life can bring our way. I am Octavia Beal “Someone who can help”. 

I have been in the helping profession field for many years. I possess a Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University and currently have Limited License Professional Counseling with the state of Michigan. I have a passion for helping others help themselves by empowering them to work through their challenges and difficulties faced in life. 

I approach counseling from a strength-based approach with use of various therapeutic styles and techniques based on what is most befitting with the client and situation. I meet the individual where they are at and while the treatment plan is individualized the process is team effort. I approach counseling with the perspective of shared accountability in mind. It is my expectation that the client be fully committed to the counseling process to aide in the best possible treatment outcome and maintain a strong mental health balance. 

Rachel Gerson

Rachel L. Gerson (She/They), MA, LLPC  specializes in working with folks from all walks of life who suffer from mood disorders, anxiety, dissociative tendencies, and spiritual identity crises. She works with teens, adults, couples, and families (straight, cisgendered, LGBTQ, monogamous, and polyamourous couples and families welcome), through a Strengths-Based, holistic approach, and offers sessions via HIPAA compliant Telehealth during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you are someone who feels different, misunderstood, like you don't "belong"; who constantly feels like you do not have permission to be yourself; who suffers from anxiety, mood disorders, dissociation, or personality disorders, I want to help you feel seen, heard, worthy, and accepted. 

I use a Strengths-Based approach to help you find and feel the permission to be yourself, and through such, be able to heal the symptoms of mental illness that have presented themselves in your body and in your life. I view mental illness from a holistic perspective: depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. are not the final diagnoses, but rather, symptoms of a deeper root issue. The brain is alerting us to let us know that we are off course from ourselves. It is my job to create a comfortable space for you to be able to come home to yourself. 

I also specialize in helping folks who are energetically sensitive, and those suffering through spiritual awakenings, dark night of the soul experiences, twin flame separation, and more.

It is not often spoken about, but we can heal from a diagnoses of mental illness. I was personally diagnosed with Bipolar I when I was 20 years old. Two years later, after doing my own therapy, the diagnosis was revoked. It is my mission to help you to find the mental health that I know lives inside of you, too. It's time to feel like yourself, again. 

                                                                                                                          #good mental health IS real!

Interviews: 10/23/2019 Business Talk Radio Interview 

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